About Us

Face sleep was created after many years of witnessing wasteage and frustration by my wife and daughters with regard to the make up removal process. As a businessman and entrepreneur i set about correcting this. I was already aware of the use of microfiber as a revolutionary cleaning product for households and knew it could be developed to be more than practicable for personal use.

Working in conjunction with a textile manufacturer in China I developed a medical grade high strand version of microfiber that had all the properties needed to get deep into the skins poors and thoroughly clean the skin without any abrassive damage or irritation.

I also wanted it to be environmentally friendly, responsible in its manufacturing and cost effective to save women time and money. With microfiber this was easy as it has all the benefits and features factored in.

Face sleep was the brand chosen " put your skin to sleep " the slogan, both of which say all that a women needs to hear when refering to make up removal. A quick clean cost effective environmentally responsible reuseable machine washable make up remover.

A simple precise quality brand, supported by a simple online purchasing process, 24/7 customer support with global operation.

Thank you for your support enjoy your face sleep !